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Made in the USA

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Steel Bridge

Portable Bridges

     Temporary or Permanent  Steel Bridges     

Prefabricated in a single structure for fast and easy installation.


These types of bridges are available they are easy setup and dependable bridges, their standard portable bridges are an ideal solution. With a variety of spans ranging from 20'-75' and engineered for easy assembly, these bridges get there customers moving quickly.

The bridges have been designed to minimize transportation costs and for ease of installation and are available with supporting equipment.

Bridges are built in various configurations, from complete bridges ready for a quick install, to bridges with specific applications.

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Steel Bridges are a quick and easy solution for many types of projects because they are low profile and can be placed with minimal earth works.

An all Steel Portable Bridge that is easy to transport and set up.

Small enough to require no piloting vehicles on transportation (<80ft) and built to be winchable or skiddable, you can get these bridges in place fast.

Bridge Specifications

Features common to steel bridges:

• Easily winchable, skidable and very durable, permitting easy installation and quick access
• Designed and fabricated to USA Bridge Design Code, and can be modified for industrial applications
• Bridge superstructures are fabricated from strong weathering steel, no painting or maintenance required
• All welding conforms to USA requirements and bridges are fabricated in certified facilities
• Railings are painted with “bright safety yellow” for additional visibility
• Bridges up to 75’ are built with sturdy, strong & safe steel made in the United States

​​​​​​​It's safe and efficient with minimal dirt work being required for end fills. Regardless of the industry you’re in, access over creeks, rivers, and small valleys these bridges can save you time & money.

Less Assembly Required

All of our Portable Steel Bridges​​​​​​​ are single piece units. This allows for even easier transportation, on site assembly and removal. Whether our customers setup the bridges themselves or use our services, the job gets done fast.​​​​​​​

Accessesing Hard to Reach Areas

Their Steel bridges can give you access to areas that have water obstacles or crevasses that are in your way. Hard to reach places are no problem for steel bridges because they are winch-able and skid-able in order to get through rough terrain. The bridges can be launched over nearly any crossing.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Minimize Environmental Impacts

Installing a temporary steel bridge can protect the land where you’re working and lessen the impact of your activities on the environment. The use of steel bridges can allow the client to obtain the permit that is necessary for them to cross that environmentally sensitive land or body of water, without encroaching or disturbing anything within the zone.

Regardless of how big or small your project is, our support system ensures that you get superior service throughout the entire life-cycle of your project.

You will receive a responce within the next 48 hours after submitting your request.

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Turn-Key Services

Making the site access simple is a matter of managing the details. We do more than just custom build your bridge and set-up delivery, we quarterback every aspect of your access bridge requirements. When you work with our "Bridge Division", they help you identify the situation, find the right solution and build a bridge based on your project's plan. This collaborative approach makes us part of your team, working alongside you. The duration of the project, the type of equipment and the environment all dictate what kind of bridge you should use. Our project managers will make recommendations based on your needs and or your company's operations.

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service. 

Our Steel Bridges are built in a variety of lengths and options to choose from.

Prefabricated Vehicle bridges over creek for driveway bridge kits and temporary bridge solutions from prefabricated steel bridge manufacturers.

We also offer rental Residential bridges for driveways, plus we have prefab bridges for sale & driveway bridges for sale. These temporary vehical bridges prefabricated steel bridges from American International TN llc are very strong and are great for temporary construction bridge rental and prefabicated bridges residential applications using steel bridges.